Client Testimonials

Loren Scott

I have been seeing Natalie for the last 6 months.

From someone who didn’t think I needed guidance of the unknown, I have grown as a person filled with excitement and dreams for my future.

I was stuck in a space with no expectations and future planning for my wellbeing and growth.  I plodded along in survival mode, and I was stuck like a rock in a hard place. The clogs just turned with no direction.

I started to set goals again and set timelines and organized my daily plans. It made me concentrate on not just surviving but living my life with enthusiasm and purpose.

Natalie has been phenomenal in guiding me and exploring my feelings and making me think and grow with confidence and self-worth.  Knowing that I do not have live my life on my own alone with my fears and challenges. Exploring and finding were my identity lies, Who I am, been unconditionally loved, like a mother with her children. I am loved and a survivor.

Natalie has helped me to recognize my fear of losing control of my health and mental wellbeing, to be a survivor and in control of my life and wellbeing. To control my anxiety and to investigate my feelings and to nurture who I am. Not been alone and walking in the light of God.

Thank you, Natalie, helping me with the unspoken to having a voice and to be heard and to know that I AM WORTH IT."

Abigail Swart (Lauren-Kate: Mother)

"Abigail has really excelled under the guidance of Natalie. She has been able to provide a bouncing board for difficulties that my daughter has been experiencing with no judgement. Abigail took to heart many of the things discussed with Natalie in their private sessions and her choices have made a positive impact on her day to day activities.

She has developed a strong bond with Natalie and goes to her when she finds herself going through a difficult time..

I have been very pleased with the working progress."

Rene Kenosi

"I met Natalie approximately five years ago when I sent my teenage daughter to her. She stillI met Natalie approximately five years ago when I sent my teenage daughter to her. She stillsees my daughter to this day. I have tried psychologist and therapist for my daughter, but shewill only see Natalie. As a result, I myself I have gone to Natalie on occasions and have foundher sessions insightful, uplifting and appreciate the tools / advice she provides which is alwaysvery valuable.I would recommend her to any parents requiring assistance for themselves and / or theirteenagers."

Corne & Anne du Preez for Michelle du Preez

"Dear Natalie, it is a pleasure to provide this testimonial for you.

We are so grateful for Natalie’s help with the treatment of our teenage daughter.  Natalie has been able to be inclusive with us as a family whilst maintaining her trust relationship with our daughter.  She has been able to reach our daughter and provide her with solid guidance after only a few sessions.  We would highly recommend Natalie’s services at Growing Forward, Coaching for Life."

Nikki Swart

"Natalie coached my 9yr old son into 2015.  It was amazing to see and be part of his personal growth spurt.  My son gained a quiet confidence and a stronger sense of self-worth while in Natalie’s care and walked away with coping skills I only learnt as an adult.  He is now able to clearly articulate what he was feeling and is far more empowered in his understanding of his and others emotions.  My son even informed me of the difference between EQ and IQ! I loved the vision board and value system he developed with Natalie – which was insightful and surprisingly different from my own. Through Natalie’s feedback sessions explaining what they were working on (while keeping client-coach confidentiality) and through what he told me himself,  I too learnt and was able to better communicate his value in a way that was meaningful to him. I would highly recommend Natalie for any child – this is not about fixing something, but equipping your kids in an increasingly complex and competitive world."

Mel Skelton

"My husband and I started seeing Nats at the beginning of last year, as a couple and separately.

I initially wanted my husband to go, but I saw her myself and we saw her as a couple.

She has helped Chris immensely and has helped him get over a ton of hurdles. Nats also gave our marriage a much needed turn around. I also had issues that needed ironing out. Nats has been like an angel! If it wasn’t for her I think we would have split up. She helped us see eachother and our issues from a different perspective, and improved communication from both my and Chrises side.

My step daughter has problems and is now seeing Nats, as WE are finished with our sessions with  her, and have been finished with Nats for a while. She is helping my stepdaughter wonderfully.

Natalie is amazing, and a wonderful life coach and councillor!"

Nangamso Veveza

Natalie has been providing coaching and psychological help for me and my children in a very professional manner and our sessions are like family meetings. The confidentiality assurance that Natalie provides makes one to feel free to share and open up with dark personal matters that one cannot share with even the family.

My children are fully recovered from trauma and we are a happy family again. I recommend Natalie to friends and colleagues all the time."

Liam & Kaidan Barlow – Completed by Priya Barlow (Mother)

"Natalie has been coaching Kaidan & Liam for about two months now, and after the very first session we noticed wonderful changes like them taking more responsibility and initiative with regards to their own lives.

The improvement in their confidence is so remarkable, that Liam’s teacher mentioned it at the last parent meeting (unbeknownst to her that he had started life coaching).

Natalie can connect with the kids in a way few adults are able to, and they look forward to every session. I truly believe that both Kaidan and Liam is learning invaluable life skills that will serve them forever.

Thank you for the wonderful work that you do, the difference you make is undoubtedly immense and you are so appreciated."

Jordan Miller

"Hey Natalie, how are you?

I just wanted to let you know that I get on the plane to Scotland on Monday. I am so thankful for you, you have really helped me a lot I don’t even know how to express it. I have gained so much self confidence with the help of you and learnt so many things that I have worked on or need to work on. I wish you only the best going forward"

Denis Nain

"I have had the pleasure of being under Natalie's Life and Business Coaching for a period of time and found her to be professional, structured, discrete and well experienced in her field.
The coaching has been very informative and relevant. I would not hesitate to promote her work to anyone who would need Life Coaching."

Jane and Graham Moore

I, Jane, started seeing Natalie in 2021.and benefitted greatly from her extensive knowledge and insight into human behaviour. I was struggling with many issues, and we tackled each one as they unfolded. I always left her after a session feeling more optimistic and able to cope. Natalie is always warm upbeat and reassuring. She is relaxed and informal and I felt safe and comfortable discussing my issues with her. She listens without judgement and offers alternative options for tackling and solving whatever is being discussed on any given day. She always gives homework for the following week in the form of either making small adjustments in daily behavior or introducing new ideas and options for solving personal relationship interactions. She provides positive input and gentle guidance and a safe place in which to discuss and evaluate it all. Natalie has the ability to listen intently, and she always responds in a measured careful way, choosing her words wisely and thoughtfully. Many thanks Natalie.

I, Graham, have of late been attending counselling sessions, with my wife and have found Natalie very honest, fair, knowledgeable, skillful, and very insightful in the manner, in which she deals with our issues. I agree with all that my wife, Jane, has mentioned above. I would also like to recommend Natalie to anyone who is going though all sorts of issues, as she has patiently and professionally dealt with each and every issue we have presented to her. I would also at this time like to thank Natalie for her caring and thoughtful manner in which our issues have been treated."

Wes Turnbull

“After working with Natalie now for the past few months, from these sessions I have found a more holistic approach to my work and personal life. This balanced and improved methodology has afforded me a more sustainable means of achieving both  my personal and career goals.”
“Be prepared to challenge your norm”
“If your thoughts drive your attitude and your attitude drives your performance, imagine what you can achieve if you challenged your thinking”

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